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About The Monkey BUS

About The Monkey BUSiness Activity BUS


The “Monkey BUS” (as the kids call it) is a converted school BUS bringing fun, physical activities to your child ages 2-5. I travel to Childcare Centers, Parties and Events in the York and surrounding areas. I go to childcare centers on a weekly basis, offering 30-minute classes, as an optional cost to parents. I also travel to Parties and Events on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The Monkey BUS specializes in building gross motor skills in kids ages 2-5 through independent play. Contact Stacey today to book for your childcare center, party or event.

About Stacey (Owner/Instructor)

I have worked for more than 2 decades in child care settings. My experience ranges from assistant teacher to lead teacher working with infants, toddlers and preschool children. I worked with school-age students in a school setting at Crispus Attucks Early Learning Center, adding this population to my professional service repertoire. I have been CPR and First Aid Certified. In 2003, I began working with the Tumble Wheels Gymbus. The “Tumble Bus”, as it’s called, is a full-sized school bus that has been converted into a gymnasium, teaching basic gymnastics skills. After 10+ years I decided to branch off and start my own business, The Monkey BUSiness Activity Bus.
I enjoy getting children excited about learning and being active through play, which greatly improves overall health and confidence. I design individual group lessons and the overall fitness program, to build strength in upper and lower body areas as well as the core. I plan lessons which promote coordination and flexibility in children while providing an outlet for energy and a great form of exercise. My work helps children build self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment. I get children active in multiple different activities, which sets me apart from my competitors.
When I’m not with my students, I enjoy holistic living and physical fitness. “A Healthy outside, starts from the inside.”
Stacey Boore
Owner of The Monkey BUSiness Activity Bus, LLC
“It’s ALL Monkey BUSiness on The Monkey BUS”
Stacey Boore

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The Monkey BUS” is a renovated school bus, bringing fun, physical activities to your children ages 2-5.
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